Saturday, December 30, 2006

2006 Celebrity Review For All Gossip Lovers (Part I)

From partying hard to driving dead-drunk, royal-like weddings to disastrous divorces, famous little newborns to failed-to-be adopted babies... Celebrities have done it all in 2006! Here is a quick review of what really happened this year ;)

First off, there is no doubt the then-called King of Pop is trying to make up for the trial that ruined his untouchable reputation. Indeed, a few months before a failed comeback performance at the World Music Awards, Michael Jackson was caught in the ladies' room in Dubai wearing a veil and makeup. No comments on that.

All year long, tabloids didn't shut up about Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' relationship, which has sucessfully evolved from a high-publicity, unserious little love story (remember Tom jumping on Oprah's couch claiming he's in love with Katie?) to a fairytale wedding with a baby in the bride's arms. And these critics who thought all of this was nothing but an arranged agreement can be proven wrong now! Nicole Kidman, Tom's ex-wife, eventually got married too, in her homeland Australia.

2006 was quite enigmatic breakupwise. While some divorces were totally unexpected (Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Philippe's longtime and harmonious marriage ended suddenly), others were more than expected to occur this year. Eminem "cleaned out his closet" from his memories with Kim after marrying her for the second time. Kid Rock dumps Pamela Anderson after her appearance in the shocking blockbuster Borat. Britney Spears divorces Kevin Federline with some little "oops" moments along the way: posing nude for Harper's magazine while pregnant, driving with her baby on her lap, and partying without panties a week after her divorce with Kevin was completed. Only in Hollywood.

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