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2006 Celebrity Review for All Gossip Lovers, Part II

Also heard about in 2006... Here's part II of the celebrity review!

There is absolutely no doubt that Paris Hilton is a disastrous multi-billionaire heiress, and still, everybody wants her. Whether it is about her sex-video scandal the previous year, her excessive partying at just about any VIP club around the USA or her "star-blinding" drunk-driving... this girl's really done it all! And just as making the headlines isn't enough, miss Hilton has dragged the newly divorced Britney Spears into a night of crazy-partying... without any panties on.

Probably the most important flash break-up and impressive rebound relationship concerns Brad Pitt. The longtime American as well as worldwide sex-symbol fell for the irresistible Angelina Jolie on the set of M. and Ms. Smith, leaving his wife Jennifer Aniston home alone. Exactly nine months after the most glamourous affair on earth was made public, little Shiloh was born with blond hair, and a gorgeous little pout. Tabloid are now anouncing that Brad and Jennifer might get back together, but this rumor is hard to believe when you look at pictures of the harmonious new family "Brangelina", Maddox, Sahara, and Shiloh now make. Let's wait and see.

2006 sure was a busy year for Madonna. After releasing her new album "Confessions on a dancefloor", she toured the world's major cities with a very controversial theme. Flaming, burning crosses angered Christian leaders, while Madonna was trying to explain the "underlying" meaning of the whole scene... By the end of the year, CNN and BBC were flashing Breaking News about Madonna's willingness to adopt a Malawi Child purely for charity purposes. The overall procedure failed as the father of the child totally refused to let his kid go to live the high life in the UK. The funniest part of the story is that Madonna lost all credibility, making up rumors about her desire for much more publicity. As if she wasn't already a household name...

The most inspirational story of 2006 was Kylie Minogue's battle against breast cancer. She was away from the scene for a while (after her succesful and cheeky album Body Language), and the news popped about her being diagnosed with breast cancer, thankfully at an early stage. A couple of months later, pictures of Kylie appeared on the Internet and some of them were aired on TV where she had short hair, but was still smiling. To prove her determination and strong will, a fully-recovered Kylie performed later on in Sydney, where longtime fans were more than happy to see her perform again :)

These were the major Hollywood celebrity stories that made up 2006...
All the best for 2007, with hopefully juicier gossips!

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