Saturday, January 06, 2007

2006 Celebrity Review for All Gossip Lovers, Part II

Also heard about in 2006... Here's part II of the celebrity review!

There is absolutely no doubt that Paris Hilton is a disastrous multi-billionaire heiress, and still, everybody wants her. Whether it is about her sex-video scandal the previous year, her excessive partying at just about any VIP club around the USA or her "star-blinding" drunk-driving... this girl's really done it all! And just as making the headlines isn't enough, miss Hilton has dragged the newly divorced Britney Spears into a night of crazy-partying... without any panties on.

Probably the most important flash break-up and impressive rebound relationship concerns Brad Pitt. The longtime American as well as worldwide sex-symbol fell for the irresistible Angelina Jolie on the set of M. and Ms. Smith, leaving his wife Jennifer Aniston home alone. Exactly nine months after the most glamourous affair on earth was made public, little Shiloh was born with blond hair, and a gorgeous little pout. Tabloid are now anouncing that Brad and Jennifer might get back together, but this rumor is hard to believe when you look at pictures of the harmonious new family "Brangelina", Maddox, Sahara, and Shiloh now make. Let's wait and see.

2006 sure was a busy year for Madonna. After releasing her new album "Confessions on a dancefloor", she toured the world's major cities with a very controversial theme. Flaming, burning crosses angered Christian leaders, while Madonna was trying to explain the "underlying" meaning of the whole scene... By the end of the year, CNN and BBC were flashing Breaking News about Madonna's willingness to adopt a Malawi Child purely for charity purposes. The overall procedure failed as the father of the child totally refused to let his kid go to live the high life in the UK. The funniest part of the story is that Madonna lost all credibility, making up rumors about her desire for much more publicity. As if she wasn't already a household name...

The most inspirational story of 2006 was Kylie Minogue's battle against breast cancer. She was away from the scene for a while (after her succesful and cheeky album Body Language), and the news popped about her being diagnosed with breast cancer, thankfully at an early stage. A couple of months later, pictures of Kylie appeared on the Internet and some of them were aired on TV where she had short hair, but was still smiling. To prove her determination and strong will, a fully-recovered Kylie performed later on in Sydney, where longtime fans were more than happy to see her perform again :)

These were the major Hollywood celebrity stories that made up 2006...
All the best for 2007, with hopefully juicier gossips!

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Saturday, December 30, 2006

2006 Celebrity Review For All Gossip Lovers (Part I)

From partying hard to driving dead-drunk, royal-like weddings to disastrous divorces, famous little newborns to failed-to-be adopted babies... Celebrities have done it all in 2006! Here is a quick review of what really happened this year ;)

First off, there is no doubt the then-called King of Pop is trying to make up for the trial that ruined his untouchable reputation. Indeed, a few months before a failed comeback performance at the World Music Awards, Michael Jackson was caught in the ladies' room in Dubai wearing a veil and makeup. No comments on that.

All year long, tabloids didn't shut up about Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' relationship, which has sucessfully evolved from a high-publicity, unserious little love story (remember Tom jumping on Oprah's couch claiming he's in love with Katie?) to a fairytale wedding with a baby in the bride's arms. And these critics who thought all of this was nothing but an arranged agreement can be proven wrong now! Nicole Kidman, Tom's ex-wife, eventually got married too, in her homeland Australia.

2006 was quite enigmatic breakupwise. While some divorces were totally unexpected (Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Philippe's longtime and harmonious marriage ended suddenly), others were more than expected to occur this year. Eminem "cleaned out his closet" from his memories with Kim after marrying her for the second time. Kid Rock dumps Pamela Anderson after her appearance in the shocking blockbuster Borat. Britney Spears divorces Kevin Federline with some little "oops" moments along the way: posing nude for Harper's magazine while pregnant, driving with her baby on her lap, and partying without panties a week after her divorce with Kevin was completed. Only in Hollywood.

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Seasonal Greetings :)

Wish you and your family all the best :)

Best regards,
I-spot Team :)

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Thursday, November 23, 2006

I-Spot Photo of the Week - 3

Spotted during my Sharm El Sheikh visit in March 2006. The Guy who was twirling the fire sticks had a 20 minutes on going sticks-of-fire show at the PANORAMA Cafe, located at the top of a mountain in Sharm El Sheikh's Souk - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED especially for sheeshas and the beautiful scenary. The shot of the Belly Dancer in the picture was taken from the Thousand Nights and Nights Show, which is also recommended to watch TITO the Talented Egyptian Male Belly Dancer - trust me you don't want to miss his show.

I merged both images to get this one for a Digital Photography competition :)

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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I-Spot Photo of the Week - 2

Spotted during my fishing/diving/snorkling Dhow Trip with friends to Musandam-Oman on November 2, 2006 :)

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Thursday, November 02, 2006

I-Spot Photo of the week - 1

Spotted during my flight back on October 29, 2006 :)

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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Race To Shanghai Masters Cup (Part 1)

Four of the final eight tennis players have booked their places for the Shanghai Masters Cup due to take place from 11th November till the 18th November 2006 in China.
World number 1 and 2, Roger federer (Swi) and Rafael Nadal (Spa) were already assured of a place in this prestigious tournament both being far away from any possbile threat from other players.
This week, Ivan Ljubicic (Cro) and Andy Roddick (US) have also secured their places after both Tommy Robredo (ranked 8th in the race) and Marcus Baghdatis (ranked 10th) crashed out prematurely from the tournaments they were participating in.

Here is a presentation of the first four qualifiers to this year's final event.

Roger Federer. Current world number 1 and ranked 1st in the ATP race, Federer is the absolute favourite to win this tournament. He is without any shadow of a doubt, the most gifted player of his generation, and will most certainly become one of the greatest in tennis history. His record for this year is an impressive 82 wins for only 5 defeats (singles matches). In 2006, He has so far won 10 titles on the Tour. So with 43 titles and 9 Grand Slams to his name to date, and at such a young age (25 years) , Federer should face no problems whatsoever, if he remains healthy, in regaining the title he won for two consecutive years in 2003 and 2004. He might also get the chance to avenge his last year's defeat in 5 sets against David Nalbandian (Arg), should Nalbandian make the cut.

Rafael Nadal. Currently ranked 2nd in the world and in the ATP Race, Nadal is the only player to have defeated Federer on more than one occasion this year. The record of head-to-head matches between them is 6-2 in hi favour. However, four of his six victories were on clay courts. He is a fast-rising star but still lacks experience (20 years old) and versatility in his game on all playing surfaces. He has ruled over clay court tournaments for the past two years (Roland Garros champion in 2005 and 2006) and most of his 5 titles this year were on clay courts. Nevertheless, Nadal is experiencing difficulty adapting to fast and hard courts. He needs to add the "serve and volley" weapon to his impressive backcourt left-handed skills, in order to pose a threat to the likes of Federer, Roddick and Ljubicic.

Ivan Ljubicic. Currently ranked 4th in the world and 3rd in the ATP race, Ljubicic is what we call a "late-bloomer". At the age of 27, Ivan has only 6 singles titles to his name thus far. However, 2006 has been by far his most productive year with 3 singles titles coming his way and a bunch of interesting results in this years Grand Slams (Semi-final in Roland-Garros and Quarter-Final in the Australian Open). He has started the year energetically, but has later faded away, losing to relatively weaker opponents. If he can pick himself up and play to his best, Ljubicic can certainly be considered as a serious contender to reach the final stages of this tournament.

Andy Roddick. Currently ranked 5th in the world and 4th in the ATP race, Roddick has not had a good year by his high standards. Plagued by injuries, he was only able to collect a singles titles in Cincinnati to add to his doubles titles he won in Indianapolis. Former world N.1 (in November 2003), Roddick is one of those players who are yet to live up to their reputation as he was predicted to fill the shoes of the likes of Pete Sampras and the now-retired Andre Agassi.
Compared to Ljubicic, their head-to-head place Roddick 5-3 ahead. However, Ljubicic has won the last two matches, the last meeting being played on a carpet floor in Paris 2005. Roddick hasn't taken part in last year's Master's Cup, but his former achievements in this particular tournament have enabled him to reach the semi-finals stage in both 2003 (beaten by Federer) and 2004 (beaten by Hewitt) . Maybe he could raise his game a further notch this year and have a shot at the title this year, should his fitness allow him to do so.

On another level, with only two weeks left for the opening day in Shanghai, a bunch of other players are still battling to book the final four seats for the tournament. The Paris tournament next week will offer 100 points to the winner, so all players concerned still have everything to play for in the closing days.

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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Tennis Masters Cup (11th - 18th November 2006)

With the Masters Cup looming, the ATP tennis players have but a few weeks to make the final cut. Indeed, the world's best have but a few tournaments left to gather some extra points that will enable them to contest this major event.
The Masters Cup is the pinnacle of the season for ATP players. Only the highest eight ranked players get the right to participate in it. So the race to grab points and move higher up the ranks is a must for those who aspire to be involved in that tremendous tournament.
Names like Roger Federer (Swi) and Rafael Nadal (Spa) are assured of a spot for being ranked N. 1 and 2 respectively. They have quite a big margin over other players so there is no fear that they should be overthrown in the next couple of weeks as four more tournaments are up for grabs. Nevertheless players who currently occupy ranks 3 to 8 have all to play for in these last remaining days as a mere 100 points seperate all of them and they are all aware that their final ranking before that tournament is crucial.
Other players can easily move up and spoil their party before it even starts. Indeed, players like Marcos Baghdatis (Cyp), Mario Ancic (Cro) Tommy Haas (Ger) and Fernando Gonzalez (Chi), ranked 9th to 12th respectively, are all within 80 points of that number 8 hot seat. Needless to say that Fernando Gonzalez and Marcos Baghdatis have obtained tremendous results lately. Therefore, Tommy Robredo (Spa) and David Nalbandian (Arg) (ranked 7th and 8th respectively) cannot afford to let go if they intend to keep their places.
All four tournaments leading to the Masters Cup will be played on carpet or hard surfaces, so big hitters like Tommy Haas, David Nalbandian and James Blake (US), will have a slight advantage over others; an advantage that should allow them to retain their spots or move further up the rankings.
Note: That elusive eighth and last qualifying spot can also be attributed to a winner of a Grand slam in that same year, but he must be ranked within the top 20 in the ATP Race.
As for the Masters Cup in itself, one should know that it is a little bit different from other tournaments as players do not directly enter the knockout phase. In fact, the eight players are divided into 2 groups: one is called red and the other gold. Then elimination is not direct as they enter a round robin type competition. Each player of a group gets to play against the three others and in the end the two players from each group with the best record, proceed to the semi-finals. The elimination is then direct as the winners of each semi-final meet up in the final to battle for the trophy.
Shanghai is the venue for this year's ATP Masters Cup, for the second year in a row, and whoever lifts the coveted trophy, tennis fans are always guaranteed a load of breathtaking tennis and some mouthwatering clashes between the world's top eight.

Note: I will try to keep you updated on the results of the ATP race as the opening day draws near, and will try to present all the eight players as they book their spots for the major tennis showdown. Keep an eye on this Spot ;)

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